INV Unfiltered: Green Dot’s Banking-as-a-Service Explained [PODCAST]

It’s almost a truism in banking to say, “We’re really a technology company,” but few can substantiate the claim.

Green Dot has a good argument for that: it was a technology company that bought a bank. Its banking-as-a-service model reflects that. Chief Revenue Officer Brett Narlinger explains on this podcast that Green Dot worries less about its brand being at the forefront of every partnership, and worries more about its customers.

Green Dot manages several high-profile partnerships, such as the Walmart Money Card, the GoBank account for Uber drivers with realtime payouts, and Apple Pay Cash, and Narlinger says the bank is built to deploy more such innovations, and that others in finanical serivces should be moving in the same direction.

“If we weren’t doing things with the icons of the [tech] industry, I’d be very nervous,” Narlinger said. On the podcast he also discusses how the popularity of peer-to-peer may organically lead to more mobile payments volume at the point of sale, and his cautiously bullish outlook on mobile payments generally.

GoBank’s vice president, Dov Marmor, will give a presentation on the future of banking at Bank Innovation 2018request your invitation here.

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