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 When it comes to those “I need it NOW purchases,” fintech PayPal has its users covered. This video does a good job of showing off the product, if one can manage to look past the dog. A dog who is as excited for its new air conditioner, purchased via PayPal Credit, as its owners are. 


London-based Barclays Bank wants to help users better protect themselves from fraudsters, and it has a simple question for viewers of the video below: Did you see what she did?

9.Starling Bank

This video from UK mobile-first bank Starling Bank is a demo, not an advertisement, but it wins points both for realistic demos (in a natural setting) and ingenuity. That’s not to mention the intrigue about some of the new mobile features Starling has come out with this year, including ways to pay in store using some favorite mobile payment methods.

8. Citibank

With the multiple hacks in 2017, consumers are growing more and more concerned with fraud protection. With its new biometric authentication methods, Citibank aims to show its users are protected.

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