Top 15 Bank Video Ads of 2017

Which banking advertisement will you remember best from 2017?

Here at Bank Innovation, we have our picks: as we do annually, we have ranked the top banking ads of the year. The 15 videos below were not chosen based on the number of viewer impressions or any other form of data-driven measurement, but were selected purely from personal preference. 

Is your favorite banking ad on the list?  Take a look and see.

15. BMO Financial Group

BMO Financial Group isn’t afraid of the important topics in this ad, such as the need for diversity and social change within banking and fintech. With the development of a strategy to look over those challenges, the bank is taking the first step towards removing them.

14. Standard Bank

Personalization is becoming key when it comes to banking, and Standard Bank wants to become, well, the standard choice for a consumer’s personal banking needs. This commercial, overlaid with inspirational music and shots of mountains and Edison bulbs, reminds consumers that they “need a bank that’s human above all else.”

13. Aspiration

Personalization is all well and good, but what about your bank’s impact on the world? As a banking service that focuses on social finance and social investing, Aspiration wants to be fully transparent to its consumers with videos like the one below:

12. Lloyd’s Bank

In an ad featuring period costumes and its traditional black horse, as well as a stellar song choice (in keeping with its 2016 advertisements, which also took a crack at the trendy 2016 mirror challenge), this Lloyd’s Bank commercial has a simple message for viewers: which bank will be by your side?

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