U.S. Bank’s Dominic Venturo to speak at Bank Innovation Build 2019

US Bank

Dominic Venturo, executive vice president and chief innovation officer at U.S. Bank, will participate in a fireside chat at Bank Innovation Build 2019, this website’s event on best practices in banking innovation.

Bank Innovation Build will take place November 6-7 at Atlanta’s W Hotel Downtown. (Register here.) It will bring together industry leaders and practitioners to examine the “how to” of banking innovation, particularly how banks and financial services companies can grow disruptive strategies from within to meet changing customer needs.

Venturo, an industry veteran with 25-plus years of experience in banking, oversees the innovation team at the nation’s fourth-largest bank and is responsible for emerging technology initiatives, including blockchain, faster payments, computer vision and augmented reality. He has been executive vice president and chief innovation officer at U.S. Bank since 2015 and previously held various senior posts at the bank, including senior vice president responsible for product management. Prior to working at U.S. Bank, he worked at Bank of America.

U.S. Bank is achieving its innovation goals through a combination of partnerships and in-house engineering. For its distributed ledger efforts, the bank established an in-house team. For e-commerce and lending initiatives, the bank has partnered with smart terminal provider Poynt and the lending platform Blend AutoGravity.

In a recent interview, Venturo told Bank Innovation that the security of customers’ personal data should be an integral part of any innovation approach.

“The industry ultimately needs to get to a roadmap where we’re not relying on the data that is arguably often compromised,” he said. “We’ve been active in working in the developer portal and the kinds of APIs that we would look to make available for other companies to make it easier to do business and integrate with us in a more secure and managed way.”

Bank Innovation Build will provide attendees with crucial operational insight and resources, with sessions on how to support innovation team development, strategies for designing and implementing customer-centric technology and the how-to of bank-fintech collaboration. Attendees will identify and share best practices and ideas. They will examine how organizations put innovation into practice, including resource allocation, the evolution from legacy tech and processes, and a focus on action-oriented outcomes.

Details on the agenda and registration information are available here.