First National Bank of Omaha’s Butterfield to speak at Bank Innovation Build

Marc Butterfield, senior vice president of digital and payments solutions at First National Bank of Omaha, will speak at Bank Innovation Build. He will discuss selling innovation internally, in a panel that focuses on pitching, budgets and bridging disparate interests.

Butterfield has led FNBO’s internal innovation group since its launch in 2017. His work there includes supporting the nine-person innovation team in its efforts to instill changes in how the bank operates. 

FNBO’s Marc Butterfield

“It’s innovation theater versus innovation practice. Innovation theater is, ‘Lets build a cool space and buy a bunch of hardware, and people will see that and think it’s really cool.’ But you’re not really embedding that into the culture of banking,” Butterfield recently told Bank Innovation

Butterfield has worked at FNBO for more than 17 years, working on everything from payments to lifecycle management to market research and development. The innovation group at FNBO spent much of its early years consulting with startups. FNBO has since inked partnerships with and Upstart to improve its offerings to business and retail customers. 

Bank Innovation Build will take place in Atlanta on November 6-7. Other agenda items include implementing next-generation customer experience; speeding up development times at banks; designing the bank of the future; user experience design; and bank-fintech collaborations. Register here and save with early bird rates ending September 27th.