TD tests new AI-based app capabilities

TD Bank

TD Bank is testing new AI-based personalization capabilities within its mobile app, thanks to technology from Layer 6, an AI company it acquired in 2018.

According to Imran Khan, TD’s vice president of digital customer experience, a new tool called MyTD is using “subtle AI” to comb through customers’ transaction history and offer personalized recommendations and predictions.

The objective, according to the bank, is to help customers manage their money better. The bank would not say when MyTD would be released to the bank’s North American customer base.

“We’re solving a problem [for customers],” he said. “We can serve the unique needs of every single customer versus having to divide customers into big broad buckets.”

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MyTD, which learns on its own, represents an evolution of TD’s digital banking capabilities. Three years ago, TD launched MySpend, a personal finance app that offers real-time insights on customers’ spending habits. Earlier this year, the company rolled out digital assistant TD Clari, which is embedded within its mobile banking app.

MyTD takes these tools a step further, by examining each customer’s individual data to support suggestion alerts in the main body of the app to help with financial decisions and future expenses. If a customer agrees to see suggestions, the tool then offers tailored advice and options. MyTD also includes a balance predictor tool that sends notifications to customers when they have upcoming bills.

“If the customer decides to take action, [MyTD] will give them options in terms of what they can do,” Khan explained. “It’s a very subtle experience.”

TD would not comment on how long it was developing the new AI capabilities with Layer 6, but it confirmed the bank is still collecting data on how test groups of customers are interacting with it.

“We’re working with the customers to understand where those [financial] friction points are, and using intelligence to solve those problems,” Khan said.

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