The Rapid Rise of Mobile Marketing Trends in Millennial Consumers

The face of banking and financial education has changed how we market in the course of a few short years. Digital media usage has nearly tripled since 2010, with the prevalence of smartphones responsible for more than 90% of this growth. Smartphones have become the device of choice for well over half of digital media users, changing the game for traditional marketers everywhere.

It should come as no surprise that the age group with the highest rate of mobile usage is young adults between the ages of 18 and 34, also known as the millennial generation. This demographic came of age during the tech boom and now comprises a significant portion of the workforce, with increasing purchasing power. For financial marketers that are targeting millennials as future customers, the statistics arguing for a more mobile-driven strategy are staggering: 97% of millennials have used a mobile platform to consume digital content, with one-fifth relying solely on mobile for their digital content consumption.  Further, while the average adult is reported to check their phone 30 times a day, the average millennial checks their phone more than 150 times a day.

Although millennials lead the way in mobile use, other demographics are catching on, increasingly using their smartphones to access information and interact with brands. In this environment, creating a marketing strategy that fully embraces mobile access and optimization is crucial for financial institutions hoping to acquire and satisfy customers of all ages. With mobile traffic only continuing to rise, financial marketers need to focus their efforts for an improved mobile consumer experience in four key areas: web and email, social media, mobile banking, and content marketing.

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