Google Searches for ‘Buy Bitcoin With Credit Card’ Spike as Cryptocurrency Nears $10K

The search term “buy bitcoin with credit card” is around a historic peak as the cryptocurrency races towards a $10,000 value.

This is according to Nick Colas, the co-founder of Data Trek Research and former Wall Street analyst. The search term is clearly on the rise, according to Colas, though it only makes up approximately 3% of “bitcoin” related search terms.

The rise of the term comes as bitcoin continues to scale towards a $10,000 value, after experiencing a 17.5% surge within the past week alone.

Its jump is a good sign for cryptocurrency bulls, but other factors, including bitcoin breaking the “mainstream” barrier, have led some to express fears that the currency might be in a bubble — the kind that tends “to end in tears,” Ken Griffin, hedge manager for Citadel, told CNBC.

Bitcoin’s is currently valued at $9905.24 according to data from CoinDesk, as of 8:40am today.

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