4 Startups to Watch: Templum, AppZen, NKM Capital, and More

EXCLUSIVE- With mobile banking, artificial intelligence, cryptocurrency, and other modern banking tools on the rise, the emergence of new players in the fintech space is a daily occurrence

With that in mind, here are five startups to keep an eye on this week:


ICOs, or Initial Coin Offerings, are growing more and more popular as a way to raise money outside of traditional venture capital, but some in financial services still have regulatory concerns when it comes to the method. That’s where Templum comes in.

Founded just this past September, the startup seeks to create a space where ICO capital can be raised on a platform where investors are protected. In other ways, the startup is looking to create a fully regulated, no frills, transparent platform without the legal grey area most ICOs are trapped in.

The startup just received seed funding last month, and also has about $2.7 million in funding of its own.

Investors would be able to send and receive digital tokens over the blockchain, and the startup is also aiming to provide liquidity opportunities (notoriously difficult for cryptocurrency) for these investors as well.



As e-commerce becomes the norm for consumer shopping across the globe, companies like ShopBack are seeking to reinvent the space with better services for both merchants and customers.

Founded in 2014 and based in Singapore, the company brings cashback solutions to consumers for more purchasing power (users can receive up to 30% cashback on purchases) for users in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, and other countries in the Asia Pacific. It currently has 1,300 merchant partners, including Uber and Expedia.

The company also announced a round of funding today, adding $25 million for total equity of over $26 million.


There are fintechs experimenting with artificial intelligence for a host of things, including lending, P2P payments, and mobile banking. However, not many of these startups are taking a look at how the technology could improve back-end banking software —  except for AppZen, that is.

The company, which was started in 2012 and is flush with new funding as of last week, creates solutions for back-end automation using artificial intelligence. The AI-based service provides real-time fraud detection, as well as compliance with IRS and FCPA regulations.

The company’s new funding round of $13 million more than doubled its value. It now has $16 million in total equity, according to Crunchbase.

NKM Capital

While not technically a fintech startup, NKM Capital provides an essential component for a startup’s success: money.

Created in 2015, NKM is an early stage venture capital firm, focused on decentralization or “frontier infrastructures.” The company’s portfolio is comprised of startups that fit those fields, investing in artificial intelligence, space technology, and fintech, as well as “the millennial consumer.”

Currently, NKM’s portfolio includes investments into fintechs like Ripple, Robinhood, and Numerai. It has also invested in Hyperloop One and Lyft.

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