Grasshopper Bank CEO Erwin to speak at Bank Innovation Build

Judith Erwin, CEO of Grasshopper Bank

New York City-based Grasshopper Bank is building a digital banking product ecosystem for the startup community. Grasshopper, which earlier this year acquired a banking license from the Office of the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, is designing a banking experience with founders in mind, on the heels of the growth of direct-to-consumer challenger banks.

At Bank Innovation Build, which will take place in Atlanta on November 6-7, Judith Erwin, CEO of Grasshopper, will speak about designing the bank of the future and Grasshopper’s model for building a sustainable business. Among the topics to be discussed on the panel include design thinking applications, building innovative approaches internally and brand implications.

In a recent interview, Erwin told Bank Innovation that Grasshopper, through a full-blown banking license, can differentiate from other new entrants to the banking sphere with a self-sufficient revenue model. In the execution of its mission, Grasshopper also promotes access to resources from a diverse group of founders. In launching the bank, Judith and her fellow Grasshoppers achieved a number of firsts: the first U.S. digital commercial bank; the first new bank in New York in 10 years; and a significant fundraise — all under the leadership of a female CEO and a female chief financial officer.

Erwin is an industry veteran and former executive vice president of venture capital services at Square 1 Bank. For more than 20 years, she held a variety of banking roles in both New York and San Francisco, including senior positions at Comerica Bank and Imperial Bank. Throughout, she worked to provide venture firms and entrepreneurs with a banking partner that went above and beyond their needs.

Bank Innovation Build will take place in Atlanta on November 6-7. Other agenda items include implementing next-generation customer experience; speeding up development times at banks; operational considerations; user experience design; and bank-fintech collaborations. Register here and save with early bird rates ending September 27th