Fintech Unfiltered: Huddl’s Corliss on his move from big finance to startup

Stephen Corliss, founder and CEO of Huddl

At first glance, Stephen Corliss, whose resume includes senior roles at Blackrock and UBS, seems an unlikely candidate to lead a startup. But Corliss, 50, wants to use his experience from the world of big finance to help solve problems for customers of more modest means.

Corliss’ first foray into the startup arena took shape in 2015, when he founded a cryptocurrency company called Koinify. His latest venture is a social investing platform called Huddl, which will launch in August.

Huddl, which took 10 months to develop, allows people to invest with family and friends in products typically available to the wealthy, such as private equity, real estate and hedge funds. Users can invest anonymously with other users, pooling their money to invest in these expensive products. Huddl also will partner with Radius Bank to feature a high-yield savings account.

In this episode of the Fintech Unfiltered podcast, Corliss talks about why he moved from a traditional finance background to consumer-facing fintech.

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