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Will Fintech Interest Swing Back to Active Investing? [PODCAST]

Two distinct streams have surfaced in fintech: passive and active investment. Betterment is the poster child for passive investment, recently booking $70 million in venture funding and has continued to enhance its services.

But the active investment strategy for investors is far from dead in fintech. Pierce Crosby, head of business development at partnerships at StockTwits, whose company is firmly in the active camp, expects the active side of investment fintech to swing back into vogue at some point. That’s why StockTwits, which Crosby calls the largest social network for traders in the world, is laden with future growth plans.

Crosby joined Bank Innovation’s JJ Hornblass for an INV Unfiltered podcast to talk about investment fintech and StockTwits.

Crosby has been with StockTwits since 2014. Previously, he was the head of research for Reuters. He is also a mentor at INV Fintech, which is the producer of INV Unfiltered and the sister accelerator to this blog.

You can listen to the podcast below:

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