Let’s talk about relevance. It’s a word that is cropping up again and again, and for good reason: personally relevant communications provide a better service experience for customers.

But there is a problem, and it cannot be ignored. Put bluntly, there is a huge gap between brand and consumer expectations regarding it. Recent research shows that brands think customers find 19% of their messages irrelevant. The same question to customers found that they think 84% of brand messages are irrelevant to them.

Unfortunately for banks, this really is a cause for concern, as irrelevant messages are mostly ignored. Furthermore, they’re just plain annoying, and annoying is never good. In fact, it can really damage your bottom line: Accenture reports that 61% of instances of customers switching brands is due to a lack of relevance.

And so it is time for more banks to wake up and take advantage of the huge opportunity that personally relevant consumer messaging is presenting. If you don’t, you risk losing customers; if you do, you stand to improve customer loyalty and revenue.

In this on-demand webinar Swrve CMO Barry Nolan examines a number of challenges that banks face when it comes to being relevant when messaging customers, and explains how banks can begin to redress the imbalance between brand and customer expectations.

Some of the other topics covered are:

  • The 7 variants of personalization
  • Five ways to fix onboarding
  • How to speak to mobile customers at scale and speed
  • Turning transactional support messaging into your best marketing
  • Always be testing – every digital platform’s progress is the sum of all its tests

Watch now – here