Reach & Relevance — The Key to Mobile Communications

Bankers — are you reaching all your current and prospective customers?

Do they care about what you have to say?

The answer, unfortunately, is more than likely not. There is a better way, though.

One of our customers, a retail bank, sent one push notification campaign and it delivered a 335% increase in opt-ins for paperless banking. This campaign was successful because it reached the right people through a channel that they are increasingly communicating through; and contained relevant content, drawing attention to a great feature that customers were underutilizing.

The channels that today’s customers want to communicate with are changing, as push notifications, in-app messages, social messengers, and even smart speakers become increasingly influential in customer interactions. And if you’re not speaking to your customers over these channels, more and more of your customers will be out of reach.

Furthermore, messages need to be relevant for customers to engage with them. This means personalizing content, and delivering it through the right channel, at the optimal time, to an audience that understands its context.

In this on-demand webinar, Swrve CMO Barry Nolan, examines the importance of reach and relevance in today’s customer communications. Some of the other topics covered are:

  • 5 ways to fix onboarding
  • How to speak to mobile customers at scale and speed
  • Always be testing – every digital platform’s progress is the sum of all its tests
  • How service/transactional messaging can be your best marketing

Watch it here – now.