Gone in 17 Seconds – Changing Consumer Behavior in the Finance Industry

In any one minute, we’ve more people in our mobile app, than in our entire branch network in a week. The only problem – the average user stays for just 17 seconds,” said one CIO at a leading European retail bank.

This is quite the statement. It highlights perfectly the monumental change in consumer behavior over recent years. Most of us will agree that the days of visiting a branch to carry out daily banking needs already seem like a distant memory. Instead, the mobile device and more specifically the mobile app is firmly at the center of our quotidian interactions.

Seven out of 10 of our digital minutes are spent on mobile.  Nine out of 10 of these mobile minutes are spent in apps. And on average, we enter into 75 mobile sessions every day. Some of these sessions can be quite long, as people read articles, watch videos, or scroll through social media feeds. But enterprises, and particularly finance companies, live in a land where customers use their app for perhaps just seconds a day. So how can they interact with their customers, and grow their business, in such a short space of time?

In this on-demand webinar, Swrve CMO Barry Nolan examines this challenge and offers a practical guide on how to reach current and prospective customers with relevant and personal interactions that will help you drive growth and loyalty.

Some of the topics covered are:

  • Reach & relevance: the 7 variants of personalization
  • Five ways to fix onboarding
  • How to speak to mobile customers at scale and speed
  • Turning transactional support messaging into your best marketing
  • Always be testing – every digital platform’s progress is the sum of all its tests

Watch now – here.