Fintech Unfiltered: Why Developers Should Use Scala Script for Platform Building

The key benefit of using programming language Scala to build a digital platform is a feature called Type Safety. This feature enables faster testing because it supports the detection of “errors while writing the code,” according to Jason Brown, CEO and co-founder of fintech Tally.

Typically, errors are detected and corrected once the program is running, Brown explained, but with Scala, those errors or defects can be corrected during the code writing phase.

In this latest episode of Fintech Unfiltered podcast, Brown talks in detail about Scala. He describes Scala as an important but underrated layer in developing a cloud-based platform for financial services, highlighting its support for “faster and better” testing, efficient code compiling and scalability.

This “modern programming language,” is designed to work within the JavaScript ecosystem, and although it is not meant to replace Java, it can enhance many features of programming and coding including accuracy and testing, he said.

Listen to the full podcast with Brown here:

Brown used this script to build Tally from the ground up four years ago. The app, which launched in October 2017, is a PFM app that focuses on consumer credit card debt reduction. The app, available only on iOS, allows users to consolidate debt and set auto-payments. In August 2018, Tally launched a robo-adviser feature and raised $25 million in a new funding round.

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