The Impact of Technology on Banking: Revolution or Evolution?

For quite a long time, traditional brick and mortar banks only had to worry about making money and being profitable. All that is changing due to emerging technologies. The banking industry is facing many unprecedented challenges due to the rise of financial technology companies. Industry-leading operators, as well as ambitious startups in the banking scene, […]

Creating an Effective Financial Services Marketing Strategy for Millennials

On the surface, a financial services marketing strategy is not completely different than a marketing strategy for any other industry. The crucial difference, though, is the higher and more demanding standard that financial services have from their customers. A financial services marketing strategy must be more rigorous and well-thought-out in order to be successful. There […]

Unlocking Innovation: A Shared Responsibility for Incumbents and Startups

Generalizations. They’re everywhere and they’re all completely unhelpful. Yes, I’m generalizing to make a point. Of course, it’s not completely true. But there is something to be said, I think, for avoiding the temptation of making sweeping statements. After all, so many things in life are rendered in shades of grey rather than in black […]
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