The Best Way to Attract Customers? Listen to Them, Ally Says [VIDEO]

Ally Financial is the latest to announce a re-organization of its brand, with the launch of its new “Do it Right” campaign, aimed at consolidating all of its services into one consumer-friendly image.

“When we started Ally Bank six years ago, our thinking was that the world didn’t need another bank, it needed a better bank,” says Ally Financial Chief Marketing Officer Andrea Riley, who noted that Ally was really “the original disruptor” in an industry ripe for disruption. “This campaign affords customers the option to have the full scale of product offerings in one place, which is something our customers have been asking for.”

Today, consumers in banking have a dizzying number of companies to choose from, a number of them aimed at providing fully-digital solutions: the kind Ally Bank, a completely digital banking service offered by Ally Financial, has been giving its customers since the company’s inception.

“Our biggest differentiators are our relentless focus on the customer, and the fact that we were really the original online bank. Being the first affords some credibility and authenticity, now that the entire market is moving towards that,” says Riley.

Currently, Ally Financial has around 5.5 million customers in the U.S., and offers auto financing, corporate financing, and wealth management services as well as the direct banking platform and mobile banking offered with Ally Bank. The new campaign (see one of the bank’s new TV ads below) is not focused on a target demographic so much as a target mindset, according to Riley.

“We’re focused on the people who want to be smart about their money, who want a bank that has offerings they can consume digitally, on their own time,” says Riley. “It’s about putting the customer in the center of every decision that we make.”

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