Monitors for illicit activity on the bitcoin blockchain.

Launched in 2015, the firm monitors for illegal activity on the chain before providing that data to financial institutions and law enforcement agencies.

Monitoring the bitcoin blockchain for illicit activities might eventually translate into the monitoring of other cryptocurrencies–we will have to wait and see.
Austin, Texas

Employs blockchain technology to provide secure, decentralized solutions for compliance, IoT, health records.

This Austin-based startup’s goal is to provide companies with all of the security benefits of the blockchain, without experiencing any of the typical problems that come with building one’s own chain (cost, speed, etc). Factom uses blockchain-as-a-service to securely store data in a decentralized way, with everything from mortgage documents to digital assets to compliance data.
Chicago, Illinois

Utilizes machine learning and AI technology to discern tampering or manipulation of financial markets.

This company wants to bring machine learning and artificial intelligence to the compliance world. The company, whose name is short for “neural forensics,” is applying these tools in order to detect manipulation of financial markets.
San Francisco

Provides identity verification services for financial services clients.

Protecting against fraud is one of the most costly areas of compliance, which is where regtechs like Onfido come in.

Started back in 2012 in San Francisco, Onfido provides identity verification services to its clients in order to help onboard customers with less fuss and less fraud. The regtech uses machine learning technology to authenticate the identity of those onboarding, reducing the risk of fraud and the rate of dropoffs, while streamlining the overall process.
London, England

Provides technology services to FIs to ensure continuous compliance.

Suade provides software to FIs that enables banks to “achieve continuous compliance, manage their costs and easily conduct analysis.” The company is essentially building an open platform for financial regulation.
Vancouver, BC, Canada

Provides identity authentication services to FIs using machine learning, data analytics.

The startup provides identity authentication services by using advanced analytics of traditional as well as alternative identifiers–government data, social login providers, etc.–in order to verify whether a user’s identity is real or fraudulent.

This security is applied to fraud and compliance systems across the globe, helping to lower compliance costs.