Uses data analytics, mobile algorithms to better analyze consumer data for FIs.

BeeEye is using data analytics, combined with a few mobile algorithms, to make it that much easier for banks to analyze customer financial data.

The startup employs machine learning and analytics to aggregate both bank and third-party data, before providing client banks with its own version of a credit score—one that gives banks a broader understanding of the customer, beyond the typical FICO score.
New York, NY

A data analytics and infrastructure platform for loan originators and investors.

Launched in 2014, Blackmoon offers “marketplace lending as a service.”

The company provides a secure platform for both loan originators and investors, offering loan scoring tools and an area for flexible investment portfolio building.

Why are we watching them? The company offers a composite approach to lending, which means implementing marketplace approach on top of traditional lending infrastructure.

Loan origination is a complex thing, and it’s worth keeping an eye on a company that uses automation and data analytics to make it just that much simpler.
Michigan, USA

This startup provides a “banking assistant” using artificial intelligence and deep learning technology.

Clinc wants to combine deep learning, data analytics, and natural language processing to answer all of your financial questions. The startup has created an AI “banking assistant,” which is trained in finance to answer questions posed to it by users.

Provides a platform for enterprise data insight, analytics.

Big data is fast becoming table stakes for financial services, which is where companies like Glassbox come in. The startup has a platform designed for enterprise data insight and analytics, where clients can record, replay, and analyze web and mobile sessions from their consumers.

Glassbox’s current clients include Israel-based Hapoalim Bank and Bank Leumi, and the company presently has offices in the U.S., the U.K., and in Petah Tikva, Israel.
San Francisco, Calif.

Plaid offers rich, contextual transaction data through its API.

Strong technology. They may stack up well against Yodlee.
New York, USA

Digital micro-investing platform with a focus on financial literacy.

Starting an investment portfolio can be hard for the average consumer, and Stash wants to be there to help.

A digital investment firm where consumers can begin to invest with $5, Stash leads consumers through the process of creating and diversifying an investment portfolio, bit-by-bit.

Stash will tailor the investments to the user’s savings goals or personal interest, and provides bite-sized chunks of financial information to its consumers to better enable financial literacy rates. What;s more, consumers can invest right from their mobile phone.

Combining mobile, quick investments, data analytics, and financial advice? We’re certainly intrigued!
London, England

The startup provides tools necessary for building financial apps.

TrueLayer’s mission is to connect developers with the banking infrastructure through API suites and toolkits.

Its first suite, launched in Feb. 2017, allows developers to sync their apps with the data of customers’ accounts from all the major banks and credit cards in the U.K.

The company wants to support the new generation of financial services, where APIs will be “both the backbone of this innovation and the connectivity tissue that will enable institutions to deliver their services.” We couldn’t agree more.