London, England

This startup uses artificial intelligence via mobile channels to provide insurance advice.

The company, which launched in 2016, uses AI technology to help users find out if they’re over-covered, under-covered, missing covers, or even if they can get a more convenient price for the coverage they want.
West Hartford, Connecticut

“Digital advisor” for emergency insurance. the very first digital advisor for emergency insurance.

The company’s mission is to thwart growing medical debt by making emergency insurance more transparent for consumers. Styling itself as a “digital insurance broker,” the company provides users with advice and recommendations through its online platform– with the help of its virtual advisor, Max.
New York, USA

Startup which provides a fully digital platform for life insurance.

This startup wants to dilute the process of life insurance down to a few taps on a screen.

Fabric aims to ease some of the cost concerns, by offering its Fabric Instant service, which allows users to pay $6 per month for accidental death coverage of $100,000.
California, USA

Provides fully online insurance coverage.

Ladder wants to enable consumers to get a life insurance quote within seconds—dialing down a process that can take weeks. Users apply for insurance coverage online, and receive term insurance coverage instantly after the application.

The startup then lets users personalize their policies based on individual needs.
Berlin, Germany

Provides product insurance to e-commerce sellers to boost profits and margins.

This Berlin-based startup wants to tackle the snarls of insurance for businesses, and is specializing in product insurances.

The company helps e-commerce providers cross-sell their product insurances within their digital checkout processes to boost online profits.
California, USA

Startup that provides mobile, on-demand insurance service.

The startup covers its users against all of the usual things—accidental damage, theft, loss—with triple the usual speed, processing your claim via a smartphone in minutes, rather than in weeks.

It is currently available in the United Kingdom and Australia, and will be making it’s U.S launch this year.