Virtual Currency


Monitors for illicit activity on the bitcoin blockchain.

Launched in 2015, the firm monitors for illegal activity on the chain before providing that data to financial institutions and law enforcement agencies.

Monitoring the bitcoin blockchain for illicit activities might eventually translate into the monitoring of other cryptocurrencies–we will have to wait and see.
Austin, Texas

Employs blockchain technology to provide secure, decentralized solutions for compliance, IoT, health records.

This Austin-based startup’s goal is to provide companies with all of the security benefits of the blockchain, without experiencing any of the typical problems that come with building one’s own chain (cost, speed, etc). Factom uses blockchain-as-a-service to securely store data in a decentralized way, with everything from mortgage documents to digital assets to compliance data.
San Francisco, California

Collaborative hedge fund using machine learning to regularize financial data for data scientists.

Taking financial data, aggregating it, regularizing it via machine learning, and then providing it to anonymous data scientists paid in bitcoin sounds a bit like science fiction. Numerai has been doing it for two years.

The San Francisco-based startup is aiming to push more financial data to scientists, taking out the human bias that normally filters into the stock market by using machine learning to make the data both more available and more abstract. Essentially, Numerai is using data and machine learning to build a giant, collaborative brain working on the best model for hedge funds and stocks—and its scientists are paid in bitcoin for the trouble.
San Francisco, California

Provides small businesses with the ability to make cross-border transactions using blockchain.

Creating the next generation of cross-border payments isn’t easy, but luckily, we have cryptocurrency. Startups like Veem are using it to allow small businesses to send or receive payments across the globe using local currency.

The San Francisco-based startup is using blockchain to facilitate these payments, which has the additional benefit of eliminating the middlemen during the transactions (banks and other institutions which process cross-border funds).