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What’s the latest thinking and analysis in banking innovation? Bank Innovation offers these sponsored white papers to give you a peak into what some of the industry’s top experts are thinking about the future and innovations.

Top E-Signature Use Cases in Banking

Over the past five years, banks have been adopting e-signatures for a variety of use cases. As digitization efforts mature, banks are expanding electronic signature capability beyond early applications and looking for ways to extend the ROI of e-signatures throughout the enterprise.

This paper offers guidance to banks of all sizes seeking to answer questions like:

  •  Where are banks focusing their digitization efforts?
  •  Which use cases are best suited to e-signature? Where to start? What is the best expansion path?
  •  What are the common challenges in going digital?
  •  What are the latest e-signature trends in banking?

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How E-Signatures Enable Remote Account Openings

Today, banks, credit unions and other financial services providers need to be where the customer is – online and on mobile devices. In this white paper, we explore how e-signatures make it easier for consumers to open accounts remotely on tablets and smartphones, while also strengthening compliance.

Highlights include:

  • Remote e-signing use cases
  • Mobile e-sign experience
  • Step-by-step workflows
  • Why replace the signature card with a digital equivalent
  • Capturing a detailed audit trail of the entire workflow

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